About LadyGodiva

A free soul that wanders the journey of life on her 23rd  year. A native of Batangas (batangueno daw matatapang), I dont know if I am one of those brave souls from Batangas, but I know in times like I am depress and confused that is when I do get freaky haha.. It happens once in a blue moon though. I wanted to be a policeman during  my elementary days,, but I cant help but just laugh everytime I would remember that thought me wanting to be a law enforcer hahaha.. how can a girl like me with the skinniest model figure would dwell into the world of crimes and criminals.. scary hahaha.. If there would be one thing that would best describe me, and most people would tell me is that I am a person who knows how to make fun of almost everything.. its a nice thing though cause I really love laughing and it feels good to make fun of things without demeaning anyone.

Things to remember bout me:

  • I sleeps with mouth open haha.
  • Cant live a single day without singing, atleast any song, and wont be able to sleep not until I listen to music first.
  • I would spend 30 minutes taking a bath but would spend 1 hour dressing and finding the best outfit fot the day.
  • I dont comb my hair cause I want it to stay curly hahaha.
  • I am a camera shy girl.. until now..
  • I am frank, I would always speak my mind mostly when I feel like thanking someone or telling a person how I feel bout him/her.
  • I dont eat balut that most people would think I am maarte which is not the case Im just really choosy when it comes to food i eat, thats why I am skinny.
  • I can stay up for two days without sleeping and just sitting in front of tv with my fav movies.
  • I love Britney Spears even if most people dont like her.
  • I really like Geoff Eigenmann, he is so cute that I would want to hug him (if he would let me!, he should haha)
  • Im not fond of watching Tagalog films, but I love all movies of Regine and Aga.
  • I had my first with a 13 year old boy hahaha. (thats a secret i haven’t told anyone for the longest time)
  • I love my sisters and brothers.. and I consider my MOM the best  living gift that I have.
  • I am not a touchy person but I easily cry when Im watching cartoons and Maalaala Mo Kaya promise!
  • I’v had mountain climbing experience with my friends and classmates from ABE in Mt. Makulot ( thats in Batangas), and swore not to do it again, cause I had put myself indanger clinging to vines, running, climbing, screaming and yelling just to get throught the experience, but I love it.
  • I consider myself lucky for having great friends that I am able to keep until now.
  • I love Alanis Morissette, her being crazy hahaha.

Nova would think I am a copy cat haha.. but im not.. thanks sis for inspiring me to write..

to be continued……


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