another love story…

There are so many things in life that I cant really explain.. Hayy.. nakakaloka talga ang buhay..

I have a story to tell.. about a chatmate who became my boyfriend in a matter of 1 week.. Me, being a chat fan, always would chat in my free time whenever I go online.. At this age, I’m really wanting to have a nice boyfriend. Not that I am too desperate to have one. But I would like to experience the wonderful feeling of being inlove, and have someone special to share my thoughts with, my affection, my interests, my love and care.. But I dont think Im too blessed for a lovelife.. I have much love from friends and family, but not really of a boyfriend.. I guess, because of my personality of not wanting to really mingle with guys.. or should I say Filipino guys.. there are many cute Filipino guys but I have this belief that Filipino guys are not really into gay/transgender.. maybe they are but not for love but mainly for sex and money.. and that’s not really what I’m looking for to have.. I like someone who can treat me with respect, someone who is responsible and can accept me despite of  the things and characteristics that I lack.. I dont know how and I dont know when, but I hope to meet this “special someone” who can complete my life.. one of the reasons why I go online and chat.. I would really like to have a foreign guy.. cause I believe that guys from other countries are more broadminded..

Just l last last Sunday April 27, that I met this wonderful guy from Turkey, was born in Lithuania.. he is 29 years old and will be 30 this June 18, while ill be 24 on June 9. His name is Albi.. He is really cute.. tall.. very kind,, and the best part is that he likes me too.. He said Im cute, sexy, nice, matured.. same characteristics that I like about him. I told him bout my life and Iv known him well too, his family, and most of the things he likes. He likes cartoon, same movies that Iv seen with my nephews, we would laught together on cam.. He have a pet dog.. I know that he is really a nice guy.. He had never been with a TG (transgender) and likes the idea of meeting one.. The nice thing about him is that he called me the day we met.. and then everyday until Friday of last week..

I like his voice.. I like him a lot.. and I would tell him that I really care for him.. I didnt know that you can love someone as fast as 2 days.. but I know I care for him.. but sad now.. cause he havent been online and have not called me for 3 days.. I really miss him.. Friends told me not to expect too much from him cause we are thousand miles away from each other, and I know that reality however, I would like to take this one shot for love.. I know it sounds silly but I dont care anymore.. He told me he’s been here in Manila before, and have plans on coming back to see me in person..  hayy.. I hope we can talk again soon…  I hope this love story would continue to grow..


to be continued..


~ by queenofice on May 6, 2008.

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