the journey continues…

as day passes by, there are so many things that I am able to realize and learn… things come and go.. like friends… I must consider that I am very blessed by having wonderful people that comes along my journey.. countless of wonderful souls that inspires me everyday.. people who makes me laugh, smile, touch my heart and motivates me.. if not for my friends.. I know I wouldnt be who I am right now..

I have  5 bestfriends.. weird? nah! hehe

I have my two bestfriends in college.. Aphol (Apolonia Escabel) and Lady Morgana (my kapatid JM Matias), I could never be proud to say their names because they are the few chosen souls that had been a big part of my life when I was in college till now.. Those laughters that we had way back our old days in ABE are those wonderful memories that I would always cherish.. Because of them I’ve learned so many things.. made me realize the beauty of friendship. It’s a good thing that “friends” had been invented.. haha was it invented.. hell I dont know.. haha.. If there are two people in this world aside from my family that knows me deeper than Niagara falls, those two would be my two kapatids Aphol and JM.. They are both very special to me.. and I have a song for them….

I miss the old days.. aside from those two I also have so many other friends that touched my life, had inspired me and made me laugh and I had made the laugh as well hehe.. I know that eventually they would be able to read my blog and I am very proud to write their names to let them know that they could never be more than special to me.. My two kapatid Hazel and Khalla Klain Olea.. I have so many names to write haha.. Elvin Perez, Janice Perez,Dianne Allison Lachica, Analiza Mangubat, Charlene Castillo, Milcah Sheina (shocks forgot her lastname), Elvin Perez,oh and I must not forget Tol Heidi Liza Ang, Lani and Cristina Ong, Cristina Tapay, my kapatid Olive Capiz, NJ Dimayuga, Irish Gail Hiwatig, Mylene and Sally Tulagan, Allan Alzate, my mareng pretty Alexis Vanessa Adajar, Maryjoy Villanueva, my auntie Irish Ornido,


~ by queenofice on April 3, 2008.

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