today is Feb 25, 2008.. I have 3 hours more and my time for shift again…

 i really dont know.. its like it’s only when my thoughts are lost is when I’m able to manage to write.. its been a long time since I last posted.. i dont write because I have problems.. it’s just that I find it easier for me to express my mind when Im confused and I feel stupid bout myself and whats going on around.. 

 i always fell into thinking of what my future will be.. in the coming years.. I honestly don’t know.. I know the keys how to be successful. I saw a TV interview of a Filipina who became very successful in the US. She said that there are three things to be successful. First, you have to have a Goal, for u to know which way u are heading to.. second you have to Obey, be disciplined and follow the laws of nature and the law of man, and third and last would be; Determination.. she explained that having the Goal and being Obedient of all the rules set by God, nature and people, we have to have the Determination to fight for our dreams.. that we have to work hard to achieve our dreams…. I know all those three keys.. but I don’t know why I’m still lost.. like right now, I dont have a goal yet.. something that I should be looking forward to do and achieve in the coming future.. hay(sigh) I just don’t know.. I dont know what to plan, I dont know how to plan.. and I don’t know now where to start again..

 i’m not someone who does’nt know anything bout life.. i’ve been through many things now.. i’ve been through many trials, tears, laughters,.. crying while watching soap operas and cartoons, laughing out loud with friends and while watching funny tv shows and movies.. I know that I had passed all my exams maybe not all in highschool but all my exams in college.. except for some in my accounting subject.. I’m also earning now by working in a call center.. a job which to me is not really a job.. it’s like a playground where I enjoy laughing, talking sharing thoughts with friends and lastly attending to customers.. I’ve been a good son/daughter to my parents as far as I know.. and a good brother/sister to my siblings.. I hope so.. my life is not really something special.. as i had realized.. maybe to other people or my family.. but I dont know..  seemed like I can’t answer my own questions..

i hate times like this.. cause in times like this is when Im making stupid decisions and silly things.. haha.. i feel really silly now.. hahaha.. shit! i dont know what to think.. i know i should be sleeping by now to prepare myself for my work.. but still here.. listening to Sarah Mclachlan’s song Angel.. and expressing silly thoughts thats just passing by my brain… i’m sleepy now.. i guess im just sleepy.. 

 see u soon..


~ by queenofice on February 25, 2008.

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