a stolen moment

its a nice thing that people can be able to do things on their spare time. . hehehe. its Monday and supposedly I don’t have work today,. it’s not really a long day for me.. just spend most of the day sleeping. Had a long day yesterday. My legs are still aching from the unstoppable dance galore last night. It’s suppose to be our day-off today., but we had a training for HS Internet  few chosen souls to  attend the training. We are paid though to attend this training. It’s our break.. It’s really fun. Not taking calls, creating spiels.. while laughing and having fun with teammates and new friends. It’s 2:00 am now.

Trainings only happen once in a blue moon,. working in a call center, i must say is really a wonderful experience.. you get to meet wonderful people, wonderful friends, you get to talk to people in the other part of the world, laugh and fight with customers hahaha.. most important thing is that you get to learn new things everyday. I had learned so many things. It is in this industry that I learned to be a matured individual. Life in a call center is like a roller coaster, you’ll never know when it would stop, you’ll have ur ups and downs, your moment to shine and your moment to be depress when u fail metrics. Other people would think that this job is easy. Hell no! Haha. When u get to talk to irrate clients who would like to swallow u.. making them calm down, explain and make them understand why they had troubles.. while solving problems u need to sell stuff that would benefit them, you and the company.. its a very complex job.. but fulfilling.. The most challenging thing I do everyday.. On the other hand, sleeping had been an art for me.. Unlike before, I can now steal 15 minutes of my time to sleep. I can sleep while sitting on the bus on my way home hahaha.

 I just love talking and writing my thoughts.. Hey, I need to log off now and listen to TC Aldous..


~ by queenofice on November 13, 2007.

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